Myth in Memory

Myth in Memory: A Halophyte Collective Exhibition
Aug 7 — Sep 18, 2020
Finch Lane Gallery
54 Finch Lane, SLC, UT

Virtual Panel Discussion: Thu, Aug 20, 2020, 7pm
With Art Historian Hikmet Sidney Loe; Nancy Rivera, Visual Arts Coordinator, Utah Division of Arts & Museums; and Jorge Rojas, Director of Learning and Engagement, Utah Museum of Fine Art
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About Myth in Memory

Myth in Memory considers and explores mythology in the experience of the everyman — storytelling, archetypes appearing in the everyday, oral histories, family cultures, reinterpretations and modernizations of ancient myth, ritual, and the truths that persist through fictions. Joseph Campbell, in “The Power of Myth,” affirmed the mystical, cosmological, sociological, and pedagogical functions of myth asserting that its role is to illuminate “how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances.”


M. Barnewitz, Sunnie Bybee, Chris Dunsmore, Stefanie Dykes, Dale Enggass, Grant Fuhst, Megan Knobloch Geilman, Josh Graham, KOSA, Jamie Kyle, Mitchell Lee, Michelle Macfarlane, Nick Pedersen, Serena Perrone, Nora Price, Wren Ross, Sarah Stoddard, Sarah Morton Taggart, Claire Taylor, Becky Thomas, Mary Toscano, and Amber Carr Wallace.